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I-35W Solutions Alliance Announcements

The ROI of Transit

Jay Cowles, representing the Itasca Project, is an employer-led civic alliance focused on: Building a thriving economy and quality of life in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan region and Reducing and eliminating socioeconomic disparities.

The 3 priorities for the Itasca Project are: Generating high-quality job growth; Advancing a comprehensive and aligned transportation system and Improving our region’s education system.

The presentation focused on a how and why a Regional Transit System will help achieve those goals and priorities and provided a Return on Investment Assessment for the metropolitan area.

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Sustainable Transportation Funding

"Finding a Sustainable Source for Transportation Funding" was presented by Lee Munnich of the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs. The report is the product of a highly regarded Policy Task Force that offers recommendations that primarily Promote Equity and Generate Transportation Funds and in the long term Protect the Environment while Improving Transportation System Performance.

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The Minnesota GO Vision

MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle shared the "Minnesota GO - Achieving the Vision" presentation as the 2014 Legislative session began. The 50-year vision helps us see how transportation will connect people, natural resources and businesses to each other and to the world beyond. It's a great vision – but it will take a serious investment.The cost to complete needed improvements and make strategic investments in the transportation network exceeds our projected funding by an estimated $50 billion during the next 20 years. State highways and bridges alone need $12 billion.

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Orange Line Project Update

Charles Carlson from Metro Transit provided an project update on the METRO Orange Line on May 8. The update included information on Background, Previous investments, Station & Platform Locations, Guideway, Technology & Branding, Service Planning, Fleet and Budget.

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METRO Greenline Development

The addition of the Greenline to the Transit System provides significant development opportunities for communities. Check out the presentation made by Donna Drummond of Saint Paul Planning and Economic Development Department.

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35W Solutions Alliance Supports Orange Line Plan

METRO Orange Line BRT is planned on I-35W to enhance transit service frequency and access to both I-35W transit routes and crosstown local routes. The 35W Solutions Allinace passed a Resolution in support of the METRO Orange Line BRT project as outlined in the Project Plan Update.

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MnPASS Lane System presentation

Brad Larsen, MnPASS Policy & Planning Program Director for MnDOT offered an insightful presentation about the MnPASS System including the purpose, usage and plans for enhancements.

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Legislative Candidate Forums

35W Solutions Alliance announces the Legislative Candidate Forums on Transit Issues schedule. 

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